SALT. Home

''Body care at home means twice the success” – that’s our motto for your customers! The home body care duo assists with refining the body shape. Hydration, moisture and circulation help firm and strengthen the tissue. This duo is accompanied by the bath salt and peeling.

SALT. Home


150ml / 1000ml

Ice polished sea salt from the Dead Sea with essential oils and a cooling effect is a powerful vasoconstrictor, decongestant, detoxifying, and fat-burning drug. It is used in STYX Whiskey Swaddling procedures to enhance anti-edematous and lymphatic drainage effects. 

 Suitable for bathing at home.

  Sea salt cold removes toxins, stagnant products, stimulates lymph drainage and the removal of excess fluid from the body. Normalizes metabolism, hormonal background. Due to sharp fluctuations in local body temperature, it burns fat, reducing weight.

Eliminates problems of tired skin. Accelerates regeneration processes, improves skin elasticity. Eliminates chronic fatigue syndrome. 

 *At home care is recommended only after consultation with a specialist.  

Important ingredients: Sea salt from the Dead Sea, menthol and mint.    

SALT. Home


150ml / 1000ml

The most powerful preparation based on polished particles of sea salt and essential oils. It is used in STYX Whiskey swaddling treatment to enhance the absorbable, anti-cellulite effect (according to the protocol of the procedure). Suitable for bathing at home, has anti-cellulite, fat-burning effect.

Stimulates microcirculation, activates metabolism. Burns fat, eliminating the effects of overeating and the consequences of breaking diets. Effective at high stages of cellulite, obesity, spasms, pain syndrome, destructive processes of the musculoskeletal system (arthrosis, osteochondrosis), sluggish metabolism, stagnant processes, including chronic inflammation.

  It can also be used for lethargy and roughness of the skin, corns and calluses, as an additive in foot baths. 

 * At home care recommendation is only possible after consultation with a specialist. The agent is thermoactive, causes hyperemia, intense vascular reactions (tingling, burning). Reaction is natural.

Important ingredients: Sea salt from the Dead Sea, orange, cinnamon and clove.    

SALT. Home



The fine grain of sea salt is ideal for a body scrub. 

Application: Mix 3 tbsp salt with 5 to 7 tbsp base oil, refine with essences depending on the skin type.

Important ingredients: fine sea salt.  

SALT. Home



 As a bath and foam base for soap washes and in the hamam.

Important ingredients: mild soap base made from coconut oil.

SALT. Home



This creamy body scrub gently loosens up dead skin cells and has a seductive ylang ylang fragrance. 

Apricot kernels ensure gentle skin renewal through peeling.

Important ingredients: Almond oil, jojoba oil, ylang ylang oil, mandarin oil, orange oil and apricot kernels (fine).    

SALT. Home



A powerful, stimulating scrub for a more refined silhouette. Containing natu- ral active ingredients, this scrub promotes microcirculation and make your skin look and feel visibly better. For best results, use once a week and then gently massage our crème de contour into the exfoliated skin.

Important ingredients: Olive oil, apricot kernels, jojoba oil, macadamia nut oil, tiger herb, cypress oil, juniper oil, peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, eucalyptus oil, clove oil.