Aroma Derm Styx in Canada

Natural products from Austria

Natural cosmetics for body shaping wrapping.

For you — exclusive deliveries to Canada from Austria.

Training and certificates that give the right to work with products.

To the attention of the owners of beauty salons and massage clinics.

The product range has expanded considerably in the professional sector. The brand and product line “Aroma Derm” was designed in cooperation and under the supervision of its best professionals; a complete line of cosmetics for wellness institutions, spas and beauty salons.  


I answer your questions

Thank you! I will be happy to help you with ordering products

How much is shipping?

Shipping cost depends on the weight and volume of the parcel.  

How quickly can I receive the products after payment?

Sending the order on the same day after receiving payment or the next day. Delivery time: Canada 2-5 business days. USA  5-10 business days.  

How is the payment done?

Order payment: 

Canada e-transfer. 

USA — Wise